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Developing and Testing Payment APIs with Phoenix - the MEDIC approach

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Part 1 of a five-part series on developing, testing, and maintaining HTTP APIs in Phoenix.

Integrate Mermaid with NimblePublisher in two lines of code

elixir phoenix
Step by step instructions to integrate mermaidjs with NimblePublisher

How to discuss programming languages?

elixir soft-skills
Emotions, biases and paradoxes stand in the way of discussing the merits of programming languages. Learn what to keep in mind when talking about them.

How to reduce software impedance mismatch?

elixir phoenix liveview
Team velocity observations from ten years of experience working in startups and consultancies

Everything about `with` statement in Elixir

A collection of best practices for `with` statements in Elixir

Managing Elixir configs

An alternative approach to deal with environment variables in Elixir projects

Finding functions with given arity with Credo

Finding functions with given arity seems to be a deceptively simple task. However, the pipe operator makes it complicated. Learn problems with pipe's AST and their solutions.

Map.get/2 considered harmful

Why not to use Map.get/2 and what to do instead

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